A note from Kate

As you read this e-news on June 1, I am arriving in Vienna to spend the weekend resting and exploring. I will catch a train on Monday to Berlin to enjoy a week with my son’s family and cousins.

On Tuesday evening June 13, I will fly from Berlin through Athens to Yerevan where all flights arrive around 3:30 or 4 AM in the morning!

Satik and the guitar ensemble will be arriving from California also at that time at Yerevan Zvartnots Airport, so together we’ll get to our hotel. Here’s a link to the itinerary for Armenia.

Our concerts for UN refugees and the general public take place through June 25. This is a volunteer mission trip. If you would like to contribute to defray expenses, you may do so here and we are so grateful!

I return home June 28.

If you’d like to follow us, please visit Pan Harmonia’s Facebook page, where I will be posting along the journey – hopefully LIVE!

Thank you for all the good wishes you send our way!


Kate Flute