Our acclaimed Holocaust Remembrance Series


Celebrating the creativity of the human spirit

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely,
more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before. –Leonard Bernstein

In commemoration of Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, a coordinated attack on Jewish people and their property in Nazi Germany and Austria through the night of November 9, 1938.

We are grateful to the Weiner Family for their generous support of Elegy, 2012-2015.


Songs of Lamentation: 7th Annual Holocaust Remembrance Concert
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNCA, Manheimer Room

Music of Ernest Bloch, Hilary Tann, Joseph Jongen and Felix Mendelssohn
Kate Steinbeck, flute • Franklin Keel, cello • Ivan Seng, piano


Works by Leo Smit and Vítezslava Kaprálová

Kate Steinbeck, flute • Fred Lemmons, clarinet • John Ravnan, viola • Ivan Seng, piano

November 5 • Concert, Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC
November 9 • Concert, NC Center for Creative Retirement, Reuter Center, UNC Asheville


All of us—need to be reminded that life is paramount. Even when it is stamped out, it eventually returns. Where there is life, there is spirit. And where there is spirit, where there is even one human soul, there is music. –Rudolf Schwartz, Conductor, Kulturbund Orchestra Berlin, 1941

Ervin Schulhoff  – Trio for flute, viola and bass
Music of the Sephardic Diaspora

Kate Steinbeck flute • John Ravnan viola • Amy Brucksch guitar • Ian Bracchitta bass

April 25 • Concert, Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC
April 28 • Concert, NC Center for Creative Retirement, Reuter Center, UNC Asheville


What a wonderful concert at the Temple in April. It was an uplifting remembrance of a dark time in history. – EW, Audience member

Ervin Schulhoff

Darius Milhaud – Sonatine for flute and piano (1922)
George Walker – Prelude (1941) and Caprice (1945)
Vítezslava Kaprálová – Pieces from Childhood (1924-1928)
Joseph Schwantner – Black Anemones (1994)
Erwin Schulhoff – Sonata for Flute and Piano (1924)

Kate Steinbeck, flute • Kimberly Cann, piano

April 26 • Concert, Temple of Israel, Greenville, SC
April 29 • Concert, NC Center for Creative Retirement, Reuter Center, UNC Asheville


Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein – Two lyrical works by this American icon Vítezslava Kaprálová – Legends and Elegy
Ernest Bloch: Suite Modale
Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Trio No. 2, Op. 67
Kate Steinbeck flute • Amy Lovinger violin • Elizabeth Gergel cello • Dan Weiser piano

November 7 • Yancy County Concert House • Celo, NC
November 9 • Asheville High School Concert • Connecting with the next generation
November 9 • Asheville Art Museum • Asheville, NC


Victor Ullman
Viktor Ullman

Viktor Ullman – Love Songs, op. 26 (1939)
Leo Smit – Sonata for flute and piano (1943)
Paul Schoenfield – Achat Sha’alti (1991)
Michael Cohen – From the Wall (2005)
Compositions from other musicians who perished in the camps along with music of Kurt Weill
Tena Greene soprano • Kate Steinbeck flute/artistic director  • Franklin Keel cello • Dan Weiser piano
Poetry read by Dr. Richard Chess, Director, the Center for Jewish Studies at UNCA and Professor, Department of Literature and Language

November 8 • NC Center for Creative Retirement • UNCA-Reuter Center • Asheville
November 9 • Live radio concert from WCQS • Asheville
November 10 • Concert with discussion as part of Holocaust and the Arts, Karpen Hall, UNCA


Vítezslava Kaprálová
Vítezslava Kaprálová

The Music
Songs in Czech by Vitezslava Kapralova (1915-1940) • Sonata for flute and piano by Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942) and a solo work for piano by Frederic Chopin

The Musicians
Tena Greene soprano • Kate Steinbeck flute/artistic director  • Karen Sams piano

Alice Hertz-Sommer
Alice Hertz-Sommer

The Program
Poetry of Paul Celan read by Mara Simmons

A presentation by Elizabeth Spragins about
Alice Hertz-Sommer, a concert pianist, before, during and after the Nazi’s imprisoned her in Theresienstadt.
Her musicianship allowed her and young son Raphael, to survive.

November 9 • UNCA-Reuter Center • Asheville
November 13 • Lord Auditorium, Pack Memorial Library • Asheville

We gratefully acknowledge the Deutsch Family for their support of Elegy, 2008-2010.